White Winter Wonderland: Knitted jumper & pleated skirt

To be quite honest, the lighter colour palette that is, beige and lighter, has always been my favourite.

Growing up my friends would invariably take the mickey whenever I went shopping: “let me guess, you bought something white!?” HAHA! Well, the joke’s on you (and yes I did!). However, I would always turn to black or brown for the autumn and winter months.

It’s only in recent years that I discovered how much I love dressing in total white or beige outfits in the winter months as well.

“White alludes to snow, crystals, lights, the sun and even though most people would run a mile from an all-white outfit at this time of the year, I find myself constantly buying more and more whites!”


This total outfit was my first autumnal purchase of the year…

(I literally bought it in August when the new Massimo Dutti collection came out)

… and I have been waiting ever since for the weather to get colder so I could wear it.

Let’s start with this jumper

this gorgeous loose fit with its floral openwork doesn’t look like much when you see on the shelf. But once you put it on … ✨✨✨ it features a stand-up collar, long batwing sleeves and ribbed trim. It is very warm and soft to the touch.

I’ve loved pairing it with this flattering white, pleated skirt which features an A-line silhouette, a zip in the back and is fully lined (and surprisingly doesn’t get stained very easily!).

And now for the accessories:

I’m not going to lie …

I used to be someone who absolutely hated over-the-knee boots!

… whilst I loved seeing them on other people, I always felt like they somehow looked ‘cheap’ , or ‘overly provocative’ on me.

So this year it dawned on me that styled with midi-length skirts or dresses they fit perfectly with my style! After some extensive and rigorous research

(and with the help of blogger Amelia Liana -thank you girl!!!- who featured this stunning pair of boots in one of her YouTube hauls)

I took the plunge and invested in these tan over-the-knee boots

They are from the Italian brand Strategia and are made of faux suede. They have 9mm block heels (which is great if you’re like me and you like roaming around on sunny days taking photos!) and they are extremely comfortable. They don’t need a lot of ‘breaking-in’ either so you can wear them right away and stroll around! Most importantly, they go all the way over the knee…

and stay there! They don’t have a string or anything to keep them tight (you simply pull them on and they are tight on their own if that makes sense – but not so tight that they cut off your blood circulation!).

Last but not least, I seem to gravitate towards my last bag purchase from And Other Stories all the time and that’s because it is 1) sleek and elegant (quite like a briefcase but better!) with a golden chain  and 2) if fits a lot of things without looking bulky!

As for sunglasses, my favourite pair at the moment are the Celine New Audrey. If I had to describe them in two words it would be 1) classic and 2) timeless. They are definitely on the more expensive side but, in my opinion, they are totally worth it because they never go out of style and they elevate every outfit in the blink of an eye! (pun intended!).

All in all my white winter wonderland outfit is made up of:

I hope you enjoyed this post. Below I’ve listed some more options similar to my pieces. Let me know if you love white as much as I do!! xx 


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