All black go-to outfit: cashmere jumper & (faux) leather leggings

My idea of a ‘go-to’ outfit is the one you whack on without much deliberation (with closed eyes if you will!).

Think, for example, what do you tend to grab when you:

– are in a hurry?

– running late?

– want to look stylish but aren’t feeling very ‘inspired’?

– want to be comfortable for many hours?

‘Go-to’ outfits vary depending on the season but if I had to choose my personal ‘go-to’ for autumn (winter-ish), it would no doubt be all black.





My recipe is simple:

1) a good quality black cashmere jumper (I’m looking at you M&S)


2) a good quality pair of black faux leather leggings***






















Add a pair of ankle boots, or Uggs if you are looking for the ultimate comfie shoes, and you’re ready to go!


I wore this outfit for a day out in London with a friend. We strolled around, had some brunch, strolled around some more, had a cuppa, went for dinner & drinks and headed back home late in the evening.


Knowing that I’d be out and about all day, I made sure I stayed warm all day. My secret is that I always wear thermal vests underneath my jumpers (my favourite are from M&S but you can find them anywhere really).

Next, I chose to add just a hair of colour and warmth with this very soft, faux fur gilet and I grabbed my favourite bag at the moment which is this lovely black leather one from the brand And Other Stories (interesting trivia: I literally walked into the store, fell in love with its ‘briefcase’ style and golden chain, picked it up, and headed to the till= proof that I sometimes – but only sometimes – make fast decisions!).

Last but not least, I added one final touch which is somewhat of a signature accessory, thanks to my mum, and serves as a throat warmer as well. This Burberry silk scarf, which I like to wear it like so: tied in the front and tucked into my jumper (almost the same way gentlemen wear their ties).
























I was able to find the exact same jumper, bag, and gilet but, unfortunately, my leggings are Karen Millen last season as well as my Kurt Geiger ankle boots. I did some thorough research though and below you can find some very good quality alternatives if you’re on the hunt for a similar pair of leather leggings or ankle boots.

I’d love to know what your ‘go-to’ outfit is! Let me know! xx 

***In one of my wardrobe staples posts I talked about how hard it was for me to find the perfect pair of faux leather leggings and how absolutely delighted I was to find these at Karen Millen (on sale may I add!). The tick off all of the points in my criteria list: high-waisted, no zipper around the ankle (I’d always get wounds with my Zara ones when I wore them with ankle boots-nobody likes that look!), good quality (I mean it is faux but doesn’t look ‘cheap”) and comfortable!



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