Labour of Love – Theatre night out in London

Friends visiting London always ask me: “What should I do?”, “Where should I go?”.

My answer is always the same…do all of the standard tourist-y things if that’s what you like (you know London Eye, Buckingham Palace, museums and what not) and then do yourselves a favour and go to the theatre!

Most people think it’s really expensive but actually nowadays lots of theatres sell concession tickets which means all you have to do is wake up on the day of the show, head to the box office (normally around 10am) and get yourselves front-row tickets for £10 (!!). Then, you can spend your day doing your tourist-y bits rounding off the day by enjoying a lovely evening at the theatre.

Being a theatre graduate means that when I’m in London I HAVE  to visit the theatre so I guess I’m a bit biased. 😋

This time around I decided to see a political comedy starring Martin Freeman and Tamsin Greig. It’s called “Labour of Love” and the title really encapsulates the kernel of the play. It definitely is about the Labour Party and it most certainly is about love.

I was on the fence originally because I was worried I’d get a bit bored (I mean… it’s politics!) but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Like it says on the poster this really is a “BRILLIANT new play”.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed so much at the theatre; the witty jokes, the punchlines, the elaborate revolving sets as well as the blooming love story that is intertwined with politics, moral values, and, ultimately, trying to do the right thing (isn’t that just life?!)…the story is simply told beautifully.

I was literally in tears (of laughter!) for most of the show as was the rest of the audience.

Freeman is very animated and his dance moves are absolutely smashing! (you’re wondering now….dance moves?? You’ll have to go and see!…)

Tamsin Greig is absolutely cracking. She delivers her lines in such a witty yet scathing fashion punctuating the roars of laughter throughout the play. She is simply exceptional!

The play is on over at the Noël Coward Theatre on Leicester Square right off Chinatown which means plenty of places to grab a bite before/after the show and here’s also me being a proper tourist! (in my new sunglasses nonetheless! 💁🏻)


















The only thing you should bear in mind, if you want to see it, is that you need to rush because it only runs until December 2!

The show is an absolute delight! I wholeheartedly recommend this play if you want to have a thoroughly enjoyable “London-theatre experience”.


Have a lovely Sunday everyone! xx

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