London Brunch Spot: Farm Girl


Every time I visit London, I make a list of all of the spots I want to visit to make sure I don’t forget any!

One of my must-visit spots is definitely Farm Girl. It is the perfect breakfast, brunch, lunch spot and I like to visit it at the weekend (a little word of caution: there will be a queue! Come prepared to wait!) ➡️➡️➡️

Farm Girl is on Portobello Road, right off Portobello Market in Notting Hill aka my favourite area in London.

It offers a wide selection of dishes: vegan, vegetarian, dairy-, gluten-free you name it! They’ve got it all!

The staff is very friendly and the overall vibe is just very cosy and cool. Vibrant decor, fast service, I pretty much come here every single time I visit London! 

This time a couple of friends and I visited Farm Girl on a lovely, sunny Sunday morning and we may have ordered a bit too much but… we ate everything nonetheless!


We got the gluten-free pancakes sprinkled with shaved coconut, topped with strawberries and maple syrup (yum!!!)


We also got one of my favourite dishes: the baked eggs that come in a spicy, tomato sauce and make for a warm, hearty dish.



We then ordered some toast with guacamole and coconut bacon and …


topped it all off with my favourite cake: cacao matcha chocolate cake!! (btw almost all of their cakes are gluten-free!! are you drooling? because I am!)






Apart from delicious, healthy food they also offer some out-of-this-world matcha lattes! Golden, butterfly, hibiscus, the options are endless – they both taste and look good! This time I went for the butterfly one and boy do I look happy or what?! They also offer water infused with lemon, cucumber, and orange! It tastes amazing!! Next time you’re in Notting Hill and looking for a cute little spot to sit down and enjoy a nice meal, give it a try and you won’t regret it! What are your favourite cute food spots in London?? Let me know!! xx



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