Having been lucky enough to spend my summer in Greece, it felt somewhat ‘chilly’ upon returning to Berlin. This year in particular autumn kicked in quite early on and it’s been raining…well, quite a lot!


The first couple of days I honestly didn’t know how to dress. Is it boot season already? Are tights too warm? What about turtlenecks? Naturally, I delved into some online shopping and found some great, good-quality pieces on H&M (good job H&M!). After some trial and error, and perhaps some sweating (!) I narrowed it down to my perfect, everyday outfit. Not too warm, not too light and has something camel in it which is… my favourite colour of the season!


So last Sunday I put together this outfit in 5 minutes (partly because I was running late as per usual!!…)





















I put on this soft, cashmere H&M roll neck jumper and teamed it with my new faux-leather black mini skirt. I ended up wearing black tights because let’s face it, it’s only 16 degrees outside!

I filled up my new camel backpack with my essentials aka my camera and purse 🙂 and, of course, whacked on my (still) favourite Rayban sunglasses – yes, that’s right! The sun came out that day!!

So there you have it: a casual, everyday outfit in my favourite autumnal hues namely, camel and black! (I was also quite positively impressed by how soft this cashmere H&M jumper is! A must-have in everybody’s wardrobe!).







I also loved how this shade of camel paired so well with my background! Thanks Berlin!!

I was actually not planning on taking any photos that day (hence my not so tamed barnet!) but I loved my outfit so much, I had just bought everything (oops! 😀 ) – and coincidentally I was roaming around the city centre, going past these gorgeous old buildings with my photographer-friend and well…this kinda happened!

All in all, it was a win-win!

I had a lovely Sunday with my friend, took some cool pictures and may have worn the same outfit 2-3 days in a row!



What’s your everyday outfit in the autumn?


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