I have loads of fond memories of my mum making a fuss about my birthday. We would start thinking of what I’d wear weeks (if not months!) in advance. Being the perfectionist that she was, she always made sure that my outfit was at least as special as my cake!




We would consider every little detail…from the bag, to the shoes, the accessories, the hairstyle…

For years we would actually pick out one Barbie doll (I had many apparently…) which we would take to the patisserie and we would ask the pastry maker to create a birthday cake inspired by her dress. He would then create the dress as a cake with the Barbie wearing it. Case in point ➡️➡️➡️

Turns out I was more interested in the cake than looking good in photos back then 😂😂😂



These traditions made my birthday feel extra special and made me relish every moment. Nowadays, I try to keep her memory alive not by taking my Barbies to the pastry shop (although I’m tempted sometimes!) but by making sure that what I wear is special… It makes me smile – I hope it makes my mum smile, too!

This year I came across a really cute shop while I was in Crete on holidays. To my delight, I found lots of lovely dresses that precisely fit the bill: this year’s birthday dress!

As I was trying them on I quickly realised that they were all made by the same brand: Karavan Clothing.

Not living in Greece means that I sometimes lag behind in terms of new brands (also popular songs and slang language!) so I was chuffed when I realised I had just discovered an up-and-coming Greek brand.

Their clothes are designed in Greece, manufactured by local craftsmen and artisans and the best part??? their designs are named after literary figures! (the geek in me squealed!). Names such as Atwood, Du Maurier, Morrison, Woolf are just a few of the designs I fell in love with. However, the  Ferrante dress in magenta was the show stopper for me.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I flippin’ LOVE shirts! I love them all! There’s something about a shirt’s collar buttoned all the way up that just screams my name. So naturally this was the first detail that made the Ferrante dress stand out for me.
The second thing I was bowled over by was the colour. This vibrant magenta colour with its floral pattern is just perfect for summer (my birthday is in August).
Last but not least, the slightly longer trail at the back with its drapes and the overall feeling that I was a princess while wearing it made me buy it in a heartbeat!

For me, this is just one of those stunning dresses that you buy once and keep forever. I wore it throughout the entire day on my birthday. With my sandals and backpack for a more casual look not forgetting to add my favourite Astrid & Miyu cuff and, of course, my sunglasses. At night, I paired it with a simple pair of black high heels and there you have it! MY PERFECT BIRTHDAY DRESS!!
 p.s. in case you’re interested this dress is now 40% off so if you want it I suggest you hurry! 🙂

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