Have you ever tried on a dress thought nahhhh and then couldn’t stop thinking about it?? Well, this was me and this stunning Broderie Karen Millen dress.





At first, I didn’t think I had to have it especially since the friend with whom I’d gone shopping that day commented “mhhh it’s not really your style, too girly.”

Not to say that I have anything against girly but I normally gravitate towards simple designs that I can spruce up with something girly-ish be it my hairstyle, my shoes, or my bag.

So I listened to her and didn’t buy the dress. Seeing as I couldn’t stop thinking about it…I went back in a Karen Millen Store when I visited Glasgow (oh beautiful, beautiful Scotland!) and this time I tried it on and quite frankly… I couldn’t understand why I didn’t buy it the first time around!!!
















The broderie detailing makes this dress look very impressive and stylish at the same time.


The belt accentuates that waistline in the most delicate way while the two slits down the thighs make it sassy and easy to walk in! (that’s what you’re thinking, right? 😏 )


Doing up the zipper can be a bit of a feat but with some help or really trained upper arms, it should be fine!


Another bonus that comes with this dress is that you don’t really need to do much to accessorise it because it stands out on its own with its beautiful pattern.


I’ve worn this dress multiple times this summer; with my flats, my wedges, my high-heel sandals… it looks good with all of them!


I always add my favourite two necklaces, the heart-shaped one (courtesy of my mummy) and the evil-eye one to ward off any evil eyes! 😛


I used yet another silk scarf to style my hair but this time I used it as a single strand (that is, one of the three that you use to braid the plait) to create a simple, side French braid because I was (you guessed it!) a bit bored to do anything else with my hair and this literally (LITERALLY!) takes me two minutes to create and looks like I put a loooot of effort in it!


Finally, in a country like Greece you should never go out without your sunglasses. This is my latest purchase and favourite pair at the moment: the new Ray-Ban round double-bridge in gold and brown.



Karen Millen is one of my favourite brands. It is an English brand that caters for women of all shapes and sizes and designs clothes that are simple, clean and stylish. I particularly like the dresses (if you can’t tell already!) because they are classy, feminine and most of them can be worn throughout the day, at the office, or for a night out. I don’t know if it’s just me growing up but more and more I keep looking for statement pieces that I know I’ll wear until they melt away!


Best part? This dress is on sale right now so if you’re interested, now’s the time! Hope the luck is on your side and that you size isn’t sold out!! xx




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